UV solar window film is a great solution for rejecting heat before it enters your home or business.

Over the past 15 years we’ve seen it all. Hot rooms, faded floors and furniture, melted vinyl siding, extreme sun glare, and much more. We can offer affordable solutions to these problems with our high performing line of heat rejecting UV solar films.

Does UV film actually work?

Solar Heat and Energy

Rejecting ultraviolent and infrared heat energy can keep your rooms 50% cooler. This translates to reducing your energy bill and lowering emissions from your home or business. Our XPEL Clear View Ceramic and Clear View Plus window films offer up to 94% IR heat rejection and still let in 70% of the light. This means you get a crystal clear view without losing much light while rejecting almost all the damaging heat.

Reduce Fading

UV and IR heat cause significant fading. Adding our exclusive line of heat rejecting window films will prolong the life and appearance of your floors, walls, artwork, furniture, blinds, curtains, electronics, and more. Another very important factor is these films can reduce the amount of skin damage you receive while in the privacy of your home or business. This health benefit lowers the risk of Melanoma and cancerous cell generation.

Stop Glare and Room Hot Spots

Do you have problems with sun beaming into your eyes? A lot of our customers need glare control because it’s damaging to your eyes and creates difficulty seeing your tv, computer screen, and reading books while relaxing. UV solar film can help kill the glare so you can enjoy your leisure activities in your home or business.

We have also seen many cases where the heat and glare is directly hitting a wall that contains your thermostat. This can fool your thermostat into thinking it’s hotter than it truly is. This results in some rooms being very cold and some areas being much warmer. These heated hot spots generate hot air that floats around your house, cause temperature inconsistencies, and make your air conditioning units work very hard. These inefficiencies hit you directly in your wallet!

How can you benefit from window tinting?

Tinting the windows on your home or business provides:

Take control of your privacy, safety and security with our high performance security films.

Offering safety, privacy, security, and 130+ MPH wind and hurricane protection, our line of XPEL and Llumar security films go above and beyond the competition to bring you unparalleled protection for your investments.