How To Choose The Best Window Film For Your Home

July 24, 2015 10:25 pm

There are many things that are unique about summer, bright outdoors, family picnics, jumping into the pool, barbeques with families, going to the beach and many other fun activities that we eagerly wait to enjoy. However, one of the things that we could do without is the damage that comes along with the glare of sun rays during summer.

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For most interior decorators and contractors the solution to such issues is quite simple, solar window film. Some advantages of using home window film are.

  • Comparatively less expensive to other options
  • There are various options and variations of home window tints available in the market today that can be used to enhance the decorative factor of the home
  •  Home solar window film is easy to instal
  •  Protects the furniture and the upholstery from the damaging UV rays
  • Keeps the interior cool, thus reducing the power bill
  • Lasts a very long time
  • They can also be used as an additional security measure, as they make it more difficult to break the glass.


Factors to Consider Before Installation

Goal – The first factor to consider is your motive for installing the window film. Is it just to be used as a protection from sun damage or do you want them to serve as a decorative factor? Do you live in an area where you are worried about flying objects produced by storms? The objective for installation needs to be discussed with your contractor or film/tinting specialist before making any buying decisions. Once you have a clear idea about the objective only then your contractor can provide you with the right selection of home window tint that would suit your need.

Choosing the Right Home Window film –

In order to choose the right home window tint there are various factors that a homeowner must consider. First of all, the performance of a particular type of tint. There are specification sheets that a manufacturer provides with each type and it is best for you and your contractor to consult them together.

Secondly, though you may have made the decision to install the home window film  just as a preventive measure against sun damage that would come in handy as a protective layer for the glass, however, you should consider the design aspect. This is where window tinting and window film specialists come into play.

Last but not the least, ask for an in-home estimate from the seller (window film specialist) instead of trying to decipher the cost on your own.  Just follow these simple guidelines and you would end up with the best available option at the best available price.

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